Delivery & Storage

Your goods will be delivered by Peach Croft Farm or our courier FedEx

Upon arrival, take your product and de-frosting instructions out of the box. Place in your home freezer and make a note of the weight which is on the box.  When you are ready to de-frost, you must do so in the fridge.  Allow 10-12 hours per kg for defrosting and follow the de-frosting instructions.

Please ensure that someone is home on the day of delivery

Free Local Delivery
within OX postal code areas

Delivery dates to OX postal code areas:

 Your New Poultry Order

 Delivery Dates

OX Post Codes ONLY Your Ham, Salmon, Christmas Pack – Delivery Dates
Friday 9th December OX5, OX9, OX10, OX11, OX12, OX28, OX29, OX33, OX39, OX44, OX49 Wednesday 21st December
Saturday 10th December OX1, OX2, OX3, OX4, OX7, OX15, OX16, OX17, OX18, OX20, OX25, OX26, OX27 Thursday 22nd December
Sunday 11th December OX13, OX14 Friday 23rd December

Overnight Delivery
to all UK post codes outside OX by courier service £25.00

  • Your goods will be delivered by FedEx and will arrive on Tuesday 20th December
  • Payment for this service will be taken when you order.
  • All poultry products, delivered by FedEx, will leave our farm frozen on Monday 19th December, so the de-frosting process will have already started when delivered.  You will need to continue to de-frost in your home fridge, ready to cook on Christmas Day 25th December. Do not cook beyond this date and follow de-frosting instructions.  If you have ordered other items, they will be delivered at the same time.

Early Orders

If you require your order prior to our main delivery dates please ring the office on 01235 520094.