Upon arrival, take your product and de-frosting instructions out of the box. Place in your home freezer and make a note of the weight which is on the box.  When you are ready to de-frost, you must do so in the fridge.  Allow 10-12 hours per kg for defrosting and follow the de-frosting instructions.


Orders placed after 6th December the following will apply:

Collections from 19th to 23rd December, dependent on the size of product ordered.

Overnight Delivery
to all UK post codes outside OX by courier service £25.00

  • Your goods will be delivered by FedEx and will arrive on Tuesday 20th December
  • Payment for this service will be taken when you order.
  • All poultry products, delivered by FedEx, will leave our farm frozen on Monday 19th December, so the de-frosting process will have already started when delivered.  You will need to continue to de-frost in your home fridge, ready to cook on Christmas Day 25th December. Do not cook beyond this date and follow de-frosting instructions.  If you have ordered other items, they will be delivered at the same time.
  • Please ensure that someone is home on the day of delivery

Pre-Christmas Orders

If you require your order prior to our main collection dates please ring the office on [01235 520094].