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The cookies used by this site

When you visit this site, the following type of cookies can be created:

Anonymous analytics cookies

We collect anonymous statistics about our visitors and we use cookies to capture this data. These cookies tell us useful information that can help us to improve the site and include things like:

  • How many unique visitors the site has received and how many pages are viewed
  • Technical information such as what version of browser a visitor has and what kind of operating system they use

All of this anonymous data is used to plan and implement updates to the site and ensure it is optimized for our visitors.

Turning cookies off

Cookies can be turned off using preferences in your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome etc.) but please bear in mind that disabling cookies for this site may result in some functionality being disabled and may have an impact on other sites you visit afterwards.

In order to change your browser’s cookie preferences, please click on the relevant link to find out more or click on the ‘Help’ option in your browser:

To find out more information about cookies or about online privacy, you may find the following links useful: