At Peach Croft Farm in rural Oxfordshire, the Homewood family have been rearing award-winning Christmas turkeys and Christmas geese for over eighty years.

We take pride in our traditional rearing methods where the welfare of the turkeys and geese is paramount.  Small flocks of birds are free to roam in the grassy paddocks and fields surrounding the farm but in mid-October we decided to house all our flock due to the threat of the Avian Influenza virus in the UK.

To guarantee the supply of your Turkey, Turkey Crown, Boneless Rolled Joint, Goose or Royal Roast, we are processing our poultry a few weeks ahead of our normal processing date to ensure you can still receive a lovely Peach Croft Farm, dry aged, delicious product.

We have ensured that the internal temperature conforms with the Food Standards safety guidelines, and therefore have frozen your product(s) for a short time and de-frosting instructions will be given.  There will be no reduction to taste or quality.  So please choose a traditionally reared, delicious, succulent turkey or goose this Christmas, confident that all our products are the highest standards.

At Peach Croft Farm we have only one aim – to provide top quality ingredients made by the finest traditional methods.  That is why this Christmas we also offer a host of complementary Christmas foods for that special festive meal, including the most succulent Hams and prestigious Smoked Salmon.

Let Peach Croft Farm help you celebrate an especially tasty Christmas.